Each bike must have a tether cord. Bikes must pass a basic safety inspection ensuring the bike is in safe running condition. Numbers must be on bike and be visible for starting line crew. Consuming alcohol or other drugs before or during racing is 100% prohibited under all circumstances. All riders must wear a helmet.All riders must wear long pants. 


When creating the list at the first event of each new year, riders must be present to be placed on the list. Bike positioning from the previous year no longer matters. All riders must make a minimum of 3 passes to be eligible to qualify for the list. Each riders quickest 3 passes of that event will be averaged out and the list will be based off of the fastest average. This is the only event of the year where times on the track will be kept or counted. The list will be split up between 1cylinder, 2 cylinder, & unlimited classes.



When attempting to call out the list each rider has the ability to call out 3 spots in one night. These riders must win to keep advancing. if called out each rider must defend before they have the ability to advance. If you have called out a racer within the one week deadline they must race you or they will forfeit their spot. Only two bikes are eligible to call out the top of the list per event. If more bikes would like to challenge the list we will let those challengers race round robin style single elimination until 2 are left standing. Those two will have the ability to challenge the list.


Any jockey can ride one bike per list per event. Riders can switch from event to event but may not switch during the middle of an event. Once a rider has been established for the night that is the only rider who can participate in grudge races. Any other rider can make test passes during the event.



Once the grudge races have begun each rider has 10 minutes to make it to the staging lanes if they are called upon. We will race under a .400 pro light. All racing is heads up. The grudge matches are single elimination. Red lighting is an automatic disqualification. Knocking over a cone is an automatic Disqualification. Each racer must show up to the track before 9pm with there bike to count as an appearance. Any racer missing more than one consecutive race will be removed from the list


Any and all call outs must be confirmed by Kam McCallister
If you have any questions or concerns please Call or text 503-580-8612

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